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  • A revised opinion on apache2-mpm-prefork and apache2-mpm-worker, and php5 and php5-cgi on Debian, regarding performance

    It’s now over a year since I wrote about “Exchanging apache2-mpm-prefork for apache2-mpm-worker, and using php5-cgi on Debian to improve performance“. Since then I have re-evaluated my opinion about running apache2-mpm-worker and php5-cgi on a low memory machine, specifically a virtual machine running under Xen, running Debian.

  • Moved to a real domain, pretty please, update your links, feeds and bookmarks

    Like the title says, yesterday I bought beardy.se, and today I shifted over everything to it. https://www.beardy.se/ ..is the new URL to this site, please excuse me, and update your links, bookmarks and feeds. http://www.gallery.beardy.se/ is the URL directly to my photo gallery, without going through WordPress. The old address is now properly permanently redirected […]

  • Exchanging apache2-mpm-prefork for apache2-mpm-worker, and using php5-cgi on Debian to improve performance

    Running a webserver on a Xen guest with a limited amount of memory, and serve dynamic content, makes one wanting to optimize it, or switch to another webserver,  like lighttpd. I was close to doing that, but I like my current apache setup, so I tried something else instead, which seems to have worked nicely […]

  • Kernel update and udev fiddling

    I wanted to run a little more recent kernel on this machine (that this thing runs on), and I wanted to run a Debian kernel, to see how that works, on Xen. It went mostly ok, but, with the previous kernel, udev was not being used.  When it then for the first time, generated the […]

  • Upgrade to 2.6.2

    That didn’t take long, an upgrade already, upgrading wasn’t a problem (if this can be read, which I think you can). Didn’t take many minutes, and I also got a chance(push) to make a backup, which also was smoothly done since I already have a nice little backupscript dumping it all, and sending it off. […]

  • Progress

    Right now the Google bot was on, that was quite quick. (The machine that this runs on wasn’t happy, not sure if it was because of that, or because there were some visitors on another site running on the same machine, or other things.. it needs some more RAM that’s for sure.) I’ve decided to […]

  • Todays waste of time

    Instead of writing something, or watching some movie or series, I browsed themes, plugins, and things for WordPress. I guess I can’t call it a waste of time, because now that is done, even if it’s not very useful. I suppose one can have a worse Sunday. However, the more themes one looks at, the […]

  • Installed

    Yesterday I installed wordpress and set up some things. Gallery will also be put here, somewhere, haven’t decided how to organize things yet, as in putting it all under beardy.ath.cx/something, or set it up separately, as in something.beardy.ath.cx. We’ll see. What I will do though, is to have two main categories here, English and Svenska […]