Autumn, balcony garden moved inside

Our balcony garden has moved inside the kitchen.
The basil is still alive, and a few cutlings growing roots.

This summer we had many things growing on our balcony, both vegetables, flowers and other plants. Now the autumn has come, and since a while back the plants has moved inside, into the kitchen, and the living room. One was also placed in the bedroom, where it lived last autumn and winter.

We are planning to split and separate the banana plants into their own smaller pots, it has so many baby plants.

I want to try taking cuttings from the pelargon to propagate it, and I also plan to experiment with hydroponics on one or more of the shelves.

Stockholm Archipelago Cruise 2020-08-09

Last weekend we went on a cruise in the Stockholm archipelago with S/S Stockholm, a ship built in 1931, operated by Strömma.

Stockholm EM1B3217 (35471500355)

The weather was nice and we had a nice day, we sat on the top deck for most of the three hour trip. I got quite burnt by the sun on my arms.

They offer a lunch buffet onboard which looked nice, however this time we did not try it unfortunately. We had some sandwiches and drinks instead.

We brought our GoPro Hero6 Black camera with us and I shot some video with it, the result you can see in the YouTube video above.

The cruise starts at Strandvägskajen, where S/S Stockholm docks, it then passes many interesting locations and islands through the archipelago (skärgården) on its way to its final destination – Vaxholm. It then returns back to Stockholm again. There is a live guide pointing out the various sights and historical facts of interest along the way.

Photo of Strandvägskajen
Photo of the Vasa museum
The Vasa museum
Photo of the amusement park Gröna Lund
The amusement park Gröna Lund
Photo of a sail boat
A sail boat
Photo of the first AGA lighthouse
The first AGA lighthouse

Although we sat at the third top deck most of the time, the rest of the ship is very cosy, next time I think we will spend more time in the nice armchairs in the bar at the lower deck instead, it also has nice views out its windows on both sides.

Earth Hour 2012

Today is Earth Hour 2012.
Most lights in the office are shut off. I’m working the night, I usually do that whenever I work alone, but doing it with a thought today.

Changing the theme to require less energy to display (in theory, on CRT:s anyway 🙂 ).

Exercising civil rights and duties

Today is the EU parliament election in Sweden. I have been exercising my civil right and duty, and voted. I think it’s important to do so, even if one isn’t very politically active otherwise, the least one can do is make an opinion and vote when there is an election.

I can report that things seemed to go well, all parties were represented in the box holding the ballots. Something slightly annoying was a person from one party standing outside of the house handing out ballots for his party. I guess that’s free for any party to do, but it only pisses me off, personally.

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December rant

Ten days until Christmas. I have found most of the gifts I intend to give, though some I’m waiting for to be delivered, since I’ve ordered them. I hope they get here in time, before I go home to my parents over christmas.

A few minutes ago I updated WordPress to version 2.7. Many things are changed, in the administration interface, but seemingly to the better. Another thing I noticed was that the comments marked as spam (which is all but 1 in my case..) are now visible. Maybe they were before too, but not as easily, I think they weren’t, but, still in the database.

After some fiddling, all my plugins worked, and some could be disabled, that I had only for other things to work (for example, a thing called Bluetrait EventViewer was magically needed for the gallery2 plugin to function.. now it works, as magically, without it), so all in all, so far, it seems good.

Today is Sunday, the day when one, atleast me, mostly is restless, thinking too much, and not doing much at all. However, there’s been a lot of worse ones. Sometimes one finds something interesting to do for a few minutes. I found a picture of a little physics experiment/demonstration, that I thought I wanted to try, so I did. The picture below is the result.


As you see, I didn’t find a piece of string, but (I did find some later though..) one takes what one has, and an umbrella worked fine.


There was some snow yesterday, that had been for a few days, today however, it went away. The lights that I put up on my balcony blinked nicely, reflecting into the white floor on the balcony, but.. now they have to blink against the dull grayish concrete instead. I don’t really mind though, it was quite slippery and icy in the streets, and I’m sure there’ll be more snow later on anyway. This is how it looked 10 days ago, at my parents.


The outside christmas tree, covered in snow, well, not very deep, but covered atleast, and a view in the garden at the back of the house, below.


As a finish, a picture of the “adventsljusstake” (advent-candleholder) from the first advent Sunday, with the first candle lit. Today it is the third of Advent, so today, mom and dad will have three candles lit, in that one.