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  • Leatherman Surge saves the day

    Leatherman Surge saves the day

    The round wooden clothes hanger in the wardrobe needed to be removed to fit four more drawers. My Leatherman Surge with its saw blade attached did an excellent job of cutting it.

  • Autumn, balcony garden moved inside

    This summer we had many things growing on our balcony, both vegetables, flowers and other plants. Now the autumn has come, and since a while back the plants has moved inside, into the kitchen, and the living room. One was also placed in the bedroom, where it lived last autumn and winter. We are planning…

  • Stockholm Archipelago Cruise 2020-08-09

    Stockholm Archipelago Cruise 2020-08-09

    Last weekend we went on a cruise in the Stockholm archipelago with S/S Stockholm, a ship built in 1931, operated by Strömma.

  • Philippines, leaving home

    Leaving Tierp station. I am sittng on the train on my way to Uppsala and then Arlanda. I hope I can manage to take the connecting train to the airport at 16:24.

  • Gallery test

    Some flowers on the streets of Uppsala.

  • Image test

    Testing the “Image” post format.

  • Status update test

    I am testing the “Status” post format. Let’s see what it looks like.

  • Testing an Android WordPress app

    I am testing an Android app, WordPress – Website & Blog Builder by Automattic, Inc to write and edit posts, and to upload and share photos from my mobile device. Let’s see how well it works. Sharing a photo that I uploaded using the app, and now including it in this post. I am using the Standard…

  • Earth Hour 2012

    Today is Earth Hour 2012. Most lights in the office are shut off. I’m working the night, I usually do that whenever I work alone, but doing it with a thought today. Changing the theme to require less energy to display (in theory, on CRT:s anyway 🙂 ).

  • Exercising civil rights and duties

    Today is the EU parliament election in Sweden. I have been exercising my civil right and duty, and voted. I think it’s important to do so, even if one isn’t very politically active otherwise, the least one can do is make an opinion and vote when there is an election. I can report that things…