Raspberry Pi, Raspbian and an old TV with DVI


I finally bought some Raspberry Pi stuff. I picked up the package yesterday after my night shift at and mounted one of them in the case I got for it and connected it to my ancient tv, with DVI as the most modern input choice.
The first thing I tried was raspbmc. It boots, and works, bMy Raspberry Pi in its Pi Holder aluminum case, and some dust.ut I’m not very impressed with XBMC, and not with the analog audio, which doesn’t work at all in it, except for a few seconds when listening to a radio stream, but most of the time it was only giving some clicks in the speakers when switching streams. It’s not for me anyway. Moving on.

Then I fell asleep, and now it is Saturday.



So, off with that. Next thing to try will be the Raspberry Pi foundation Raspbian image. (After that I will probably end up using the Raspbian installer and make my own stripped down base image, or check if there exists some sane image from here, we’ll see.). Continue reading “Raspberry Pi, Raspbian and an old TV with DVI”