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Right now the Google bot was on, that was quite quick. (The machine that this runs on wasn’t happy, not sure if it was because of that, or because there were some visitors on another site running on the same machine, or other things.. it needs some more RAM that’s for sure.)

I’ve decided to go with this current theme, but change it a little bit more. And I’ve found some plugins that I like.  However, as I said above, it runs quite heavily on this machine, especially the administrative interface. I’m trying the wp-super-cache to see if that improves things, and I like to think that it does.

I was told that the top header is taking up too much space, and I fully agree. Editing it involves a lot of pixels here and there, and wasn’t as easy as I first thought, but it’ll be fixed eventually/shortly. So far, testing how wordpress works and behaves, especially on this machine has been interesting.

Hi, I’m beardy

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