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  • Image test

    Testing the “Image” post format.

  • Status update test

    I am testing the “Status” post format. Let’s see what it looks like.

  • Testing an Android WordPress app

    I am testing an Android app, WordPress – Website & Blog Builder by Automattic, Inc to write and edit posts, and to upload and share photos from my mobile device. Let’s see how well it works. Sharing a photo that I uploaded using the app, and now including it in this post. I am using the Standard […]

  • 3 WordPress plugins

    Yesterday I decided to change the permalinks structure of this site. I wondered if WordPress had redirection built into to the core, but it seems it does not yet. But there are many plugins, like always, providing the needed functionlity. At first I looked at one called Redirection, but it was not really what I was […]

  • Skapa en webbplats med WordPress

    Jag upptäckte att .SE tydligen har skrivit många bra guider, om Internet- och webrelaterade ämnen. Bland annat har de skrivit en guide om hur man skapar en webbplats med WordPress. Det finns inte många, eller någon annan, vettig guide på svenska som behandlar detta. Jag snabbläste igenom den och jag rekommenderar den. “Skapa en webbplats […]

  • Djupare in i bloggandets värld, motstretandes, men hyfsat fascinerad

    Sådär.. första steget i ett litet optimeringsexperiment, då får vi se om det ger något resultat i form av någon mer besökare kanske. Prövar bland annat att pinga (denna gång menas blog-ping, inte ICMP) http://www.frisim.com/ automatiskt från WordPress vid postande. Detta är väl mest ett test, alternativt en liten rant. Bland all skit som skrivs […]

  • Getting indexed by Google, don’t repeat this mistake

    A few days ago I was going to “deploy” a site I had been working on. It is using WordPress. When I set things up and wrote pages and made it do a bit of what I wanted, I had set it to be private, in the WordPress Settings->Privacy->I would like to block search engines, […]

  • December rant

    Ten days until Christmas. I have found most of the gifts I intend to give, though some I’m waiting for to be delivered, since I’ve ordered them. I hope they get here in time, before I go home to my parents over christmas. A few minutes ago I updated WordPress to version 2.7. Many things […]

  • Imagetest

    Had to test how an image would look here. So, here it is, a picture I took a few years ago, of a spruce’s branches, in a forest area near my parents house. The uploader of images in WordPress seems to work ok, used the flash based one, but there seems to be an alternative […]

  • Upgrade to 2.6.2

    That didn’t take long, an upgrade already, upgrading wasn’t a problem (if this can be read, which I think you can). Didn’t take many minutes, and I also got a chance(push) to make a backup, which also was smoothly done since I already have a nice little backupscript dumping it all, and sending it off. […]