Getting indexed by Google, don’t repeat this mistake

A few days ago I was going to “deploy” a site I had been working on. It is using WordPress. When I set things up and wrote pages and made it do a bit of what I wanted, I had set it to be private, in the WordPress Settings->Privacy->I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors, because I wanted to make things somewhat ready before having Google and other search engines crawling it. I wanted to have things somewhat set up and ready before showing it to search engines, though one doesn’t get much for trying things with good intentions.. sometimes.

Later when I was adding it to Google’s Webmaster Tools, and tried to add my sitemap, it reported that it was blocked by robots.txt. I had forgot to change the Privacy setting. This was not good, at all. It took 24 hours before it fetched robots.txt again, so I could submit my sitemap. The site in question has no links, and is newly registered, so.. this was not good. Don’t do the same mistake, I wont again.

Not sure it was worth the money for the domain yet, but at least I learned a few more things about WordPress, and this lesson I’ve just ranted about, so if nothing else atleast that.

The site in question is this one.

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