Year: 2008


Jag letade efter lite sidor om slöjdande, täljande närmare bestämt, och hittade För att vara exakt, denna sidan, med tillhörande bilder. Men anledningen till att jag skriver om den nu, är att det finns en massa olika bildgallerier på maskinen, med mycket varierat innehåll, och trevliga beskrivningar. Kort och gott en riktig websida. Några …

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Autumn Sunday

It’s autumn, the leaves are coloured, and many have fallen off the trees. It was very windy yesterday here, but today it had calmed down mostly. I went for a little bikeride in the afternoon, which made me feel a lot better than I was.. It’s good to have friends that care, and tell you …

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No BBB today

Aww, I was looking forward to BBB on SLAYRadio this evening, but it was cancelled. Listening to it always cheers me up. Oh well, I hope Boz will feel better soon, and that there’ll be a show next week.


Had to test how an image would look here. So, here it is, a picture I took a few years ago, of a spruce’s branches, in a forest area near my parents house. The uploader of images in WordPress seems to work ok, used the flash based one, but there seems to be an alternative …

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Upgrade to 2.6.2

That didn’t take long, an upgrade already, upgrading wasn’t a problem (if this can be read, which I think you can). Didn’t take many minutes, and I also got a chance(push) to make a backup, which also was smoothly done since I already have a nice little backupscript dumping it all, and sending it off. …

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Right now the Google bot was on, that was quite quick. (The machine that this runs on wasn’t happy, not sure if it was because of that, or because there were some visitors on another site running on the same machine, or other things.. it needs some more RAM that’s for sure.) I’ve decided to …

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