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  • Debian Lenny Released

    The news page at debian.org has yet to be updated, but Debian Lenny has been released.

  • Smokin’ Guns

    A few days ago I was told of this game by a friend, who hosts a server for it. It sounded interesting so I checked it out. It wasn’t very long since it was released either, apparently on January 1. Smokin’ Guns is a western (movie) themed FPS, “an open sourced, total conversion of id…

  • Supybot handbook released

    hoxu released the first version of his handbook for Supybot, named Supybook, a few days ago. It contains many good tips and instructions for setting up, running and maintaining a Supybot. It already covers a great deal of things one would consider sooner or later when running a Supybot. I hope it will be well…