Debian Lenny Released

The news page at has yet to be updated, but Debian Lenny has been released.

While writing this entry people are still doing work for the release. For example the cd building will take time, after all there are well over 500 images (and 36 live cds).

Current plan seems to be that we ftpmaster push the archive mirrors around 23:00 UTC, so it has time to sync everywhere. Some while later the cd mirror will get a push, and then the official announcement will happen.

Thanks go out to everyone involved in preparing this release, be it in the past by fixing bugs, uploading packages, doing whatever was needed, as well as doing the work today.

And of course we join in the thanking of the people that has put a lot of hard work into this release.

I will wait a little with upgrading my “production” server, read through the release notes, and see if there is anything to watch out for. Then sit back and enjoy the upgrading process. I suggest You do the same.






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