Fri mjukvara i svensk skola, tyvärr en nyhet

Det är ganska bedrövligt att detta är en nyhet, att det inte är normen nuförtiden. IDG har skrivit en artikel om en skola som kör Ubuntu, på begagnad hårdvara. Om man tål att läsa IDG (klicka inte på kommentarerna, som alltid fulla av idioter) och bortser från den usla korrekturläsningen, skolan har nämligen enligt IDG “en adsl-uppkoppling på 42 megabit per sekund”, (den skulle jag vilja se) så kan man läsa artikeln. En annan höjdare är:

I systemet finns dessutom en webbserver och ett dns som förenklar adressering av datorer på ip-nätverk. Alla servrar utom telefonväxeln har Ubuntu som operativsystem.

Förutom den lama formuleringen är det dålig research och helt enkelt lögn, eftersom författaren till artikeln i en bildtext några centimeter ovanför detta skriver “Brandväggen Pfsense kontrollerar trafik mellan Green och Dmz.” och som alla, särskilt avlönade skribenter, borde veta, så är pfSense (notera den korrekta stavningen) FreeBSD-baserad (FreeBSD är även det något som författaren felstavar, inuti ett citat till och med, “– När jag 2005 började bygga upp systemet installerade jag Freebsb, för att sedan byta till Mandrake.”). Utöver detta hade det ju sett bättre ut om akronymer hade skrivits med versaler överlag, men det är väl att kräva för mycket kanske. Man undrar ju dock till vem eller vad IDG egentligen riktar sig, något så dåligt, fullt med faktafel och värdelöst buzz-snack får man ju leta efter. (Jag kunde skrivit om vilken annan artikel som helst därifrån.)

Djupare in i bloggandets värld, motstretandes, men hyfsat fascinerad

Sådär.. första steget i ett litet optimeringsexperiment, då får vi se om det ger något resultat i form av någon mer besökare kanske. Prövar bland annat att pinga (denna gång menas blog-ping, inte ICMP) automatiskt från WordPress vid postande. Detta är väl mest ett test, alternativt en liten rant. Bland all skit som skrivs av idioter, har jag hittat en site som verkar veta vad den (hon) talar om, därifrån har jag inspirerats lite. Jag har också de senaste dagarna uppdaterat andra siter, och fått lite idéer på nya projekt, istället för att göra det jag borde, d v s labba med QoS, men det hinns väl med.. hoppas jag. Gjorde också en liten banner (se ovan, högst upp) tidigare, hoppas detta temat och den, ser okej ut.

GNS3: Build and configure a CCNA PPP lab using GNS3, dynamips, and vpcs

Cisco’s Packet Tracer works for very basic labs, but it has so many irritating small things that are missing, that it causes more frustration than nice experiences if doing anything involving anything more than the absoulte basic configurations. It does have one strong point, and it is CPU and memory usage, compared to emulating router hardware, which this article will be mainly about.

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OSPF adventures

I was working with a PPP Cisco lab yesterday in the network lab at uni. Three routers in a serial link triangle, running OSPF. The lab instructions said to break PPP (for some reason, it was a “challenge” CCNA lab, so.. the breaking of the link and observing the behavior was already done in the previous lab, but oh well), so we did.

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December rant

Ten days until Christmas. I have found most of the gifts I intend to give, though some I’m waiting for to be delivered, since I’ve ordered them. I hope they get here in time, before I go home to my parents over christmas.

A few minutes ago I updated WordPress to version 2.7. Many things are changed, in the administration interface, but seemingly to the better. Another thing I noticed was that the comments marked as spam (which is all but 1 in my case..) are now visible. Maybe they were before too, but not as easily, I think they weren’t, but, still in the database.

After some fiddling, all my plugins worked, and some could be disabled, that I had only for other things to work (for example, a thing called Bluetrait EventViewer was magically needed for the gallery2 plugin to function.. now it works, as magically, without it), so all in all, so far, it seems good.

Today is Sunday, the day when one, atleast me, mostly is restless, thinking too much, and not doing much at all. However, there’s been a lot of worse ones. Sometimes one finds something interesting to do for a few minutes. I found a picture of a little physics experiment/demonstration, that I thought I wanted to try, so I did. The picture below is the result.


As you see, I didn’t find a piece of string, but (I did find some later though..) one takes what one has, and an umbrella worked fine.


There was some snow yesterday, that had been for a few days, today however, it went away. The lights that I put up on my balcony blinked nicely, reflecting into the white floor on the balcony, but.. now they have to blink against the dull grayish concrete instead. I don’t really mind though, it was quite slippery and icy in the streets, and I’m sure there’ll be more snow later on anyway. This is how it looked 10 days ago, at my parents.


The outside christmas tree, covered in snow, well, not very deep, but covered atleast, and a view in the garden at the back of the house, below.


As a finish, a picture of the “adventsljusstake” (advent-candleholder) from the first advent Sunday, with the first candle lit. Today it is the third of Advent, so today, mom and dad will have three candles lit, in that one.


Autumn Sunday

Sunday bikeride.
Sunday bikeride.

It’s autumn, the leaves are coloured, and many have fallen off the trees. It was very windy yesterday here, but today it had calmed down mostly. I went for a little bikeride in the afternoon, which made me feel a lot better than I was.. It’s good to have friends that care, and tell you to get up and break a bad pattern of thoughts.. you know who you are.

I shall print a map of the nearest surroundings and a bit outside of the city so I know where I am another time, I just kept a straight line, and then returned the same way, I haven’t been in that direction before, but next time it would be nice to go further and along the canal, there’s an area called “The Canal Forest” (translated), outside of the city, to the southwest, which would be interesting to have a look at. Then I got some groceries on the way home, and had a nice cup of coffee.  Loosely measured, I think the little trip was ~7km. I’m glad I brought mom’s old bike here, it’s so nice to have the front basket when shopping, not having to drag shoppingbags all the time, even though one can’t get as many things each time, I do have a bag to have on the back of the bike though, but that’s more hassle than it’s worth I think.

I’ll start adding some photos to the gallery now I think, there’s a lot, but I guess I’ll just start somewhere.