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  • How computer and operating system introduction courses should be done

    The following video is from 1963, before, or in the middle of the creation of proper operating systems. It explains so fantastically well how computers work in general, and also important concepts that was later developed further, and which are the foundations of modern operating systems today. This video should be shown at the first […]

  • Modems & Bulletin Boards, The Computer Chronicles

    This Sunday’s video (I will from now on try to post atleast one video from this series, or another, each Sunday (even though it technically is Monday in this part of the world)) is about modems and bulletin boards (BBS:es). I also have to recommend the movie/series¬†“BBS: The Documentary”¬†which is very interesting and well made. […]

  • Slowdown in Silicon Valley #2, The Computer Chronicles

    Part two of this special series looking at the causes of the downturn in the computer industry. Guests: Ben Anixter, AMD; Richard O’Brien, Hewlett Packard; Trip Hawkins, Electronic Arts; John Merson, Ashton-Tate; Gary Kildall, Digital Research Products/Demos: Commodore Amiga, Atari ST 520 Enjoy this video from 1985, this is part two of a two part […]

  • Slowdown in Silicon Valley #1, The Computer Chronicles

    A review of the reasons behind the current slump in the computer business. Guests: Dave Crockett, Dataquest; Sam Colella, Inst Venture Partners; Deborah Wise, Business Week; Dave Norman, Businessland; Gary Kildall, Digital Research Products/Demos: Adam Computer, Osborne I Computer Enjoy this video from 1985, this is part one of a two part episode of Computer […]

  • UNIX, The Computer Chronicles

    This is a very interesting episode, if you watch it, you can often draw paralells to todays reality, and can think back on what actually happened, and how long it has taken for some things. The interesting thing with many, and in particular this episode of Computer Chronicles, is that it could have been recorded […]

  • IBM Clones, The Computer Chronicles

    IBM COMPATIBLES A comparative look at the new breed of IBM look-alikes. Guests: Radio Shack / Tandy Corporation Director of Market Planning and Computer Merchandising: Ed Juge, PC World Magazine Publisher: David Bunnell, Attorney: David Grais, Consultant: Gary Kildall Products/Demos: Radio Shack Tandy 1000, IBM PC, Ericsson PC, Compaq PC This video is part of […]

  • Gustav II Adolf Day

    224 230 233 There is a bakery/pastry shop/patisserie very close to where I live, I went there today to buy two Gustav II Adolf pastries. They can vary a bit from shop to shop, these ones were quite nice. Marzipan around it, some creamy thing mixed with strawberry, with sponge base in the middle, topped […]