Tomatoes planted in tomato planters with bottom watering.

Summer of 2019’s planting and growing

In the summer of 2019, I grew some vegetables, herbs and flowers on my balcony, and in front of my kitchen window. Before I start writing about this year’s planting and growing I thought I should summarize that summer, and show some photos of it.

Pelargons in a hanging plastic planting box, in front of a window
Pelargons hanging on the wall under the kitchen window.

Under the kitchen window, in front of my apartment, I planted pelargonium in a plastic plantbox, that was placed in a metal holder, fastened to the brick wall. I bought the pelargoniums at Lidl and planted them in pelargonium soil also bought there.

Pelargonium that didn’t fit in the box by the kitchen window and got a nice life on the balcony instead.

But let’s start a bit earlier. In the end of May I had acquired some pallets, painted them and put them on the balcony.

To make sure they did not fall over I fastened them securely to the wall using a piece of bent “patentband” bent into a suitable shape.


I bought two tomato plants in Lidl.

The tomatoes were planted in two tomato planters that I also bought at Lidl, they have a support system built up with plastic rings and sticks, that are mounted higher and higher as the plant grows.


I also bought a paprika plant, and planted it in a planter, the one seen in the photo above, behind the two tomato planters on the floor.

I also bought a citrus plant, a lemon plant. It is the one planted on top of the pallet, in the corner, in the photo above.


Later on the plants grew. I filled up a lot of bottles with water to use when watering the plants.

I got some small paprikas.

I also got some small tomatoes.

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