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  • Securing the MikroTik RouterBOARD RB751G-2HnD (or any RouterOS device) – the bare minimum

    Before you do anything else with the MikroTik RouterBOARD RB751G-2HnD, or any other device running RouterOS with a default configuration I guess, you should configure the device with some bare minumum security features. Set a password The first thing to do is changing the password for the default user “admin”. When you are logged in, […]

  • Fixing missing menu entries of Opera and Skype in Debian GNU/Linux

    Unfortunately the third-party packages of Opera and Skype do not contain menu entries for the Debian menu system. Not very surprisingly one might think, but I just think it’s sloppy. If you, like me, like the Debian menu system and want Opera and Skype available in it, do the following to solve that, until the […]

  • Skapa en webbplats med WordPress

    Jag upptäckte att .SE tydligen har skrivit många bra guider, om Internet- och webrelaterade ämnen. Bland annat har de skrivit en guide om hur man skapar en webbplats med WordPress. Det finns inte många, eller någon annan, vettig guide på svenska som behandlar detta. Jag snabbläste igenom den och jag rekommenderar den. “Skapa en webbplats […]

  • GNS3: Build and configure a CCNA PPP lab using GNS3, dynamips, and vpcs

    Cisco’s Packet Tracer works for very basic labs, but it has so many irritating small things that are missing, that it causes more frustration than nice experiences if doing anything involving anything more than the absoulte basic configurations. It does have one strong point, and it is CPU and memory usage, compared to emulating router […]