Month: October 2010

  • Fixing missing menu entries of Opera and Skype in Debian GNU/Linux

    Unfortunately the third-party packages of Opera and Skype do not contain menu entries for the Debian menu system. Not very surprisingly one might think, but I just think it’s sloppy. If you, like me, like the Debian menu system and want Opera and Skype available in it, do the following to solve that, until the […]

  • Modems & Bulletin Boards, The Computer Chronicles

    This Sunday’s video (I will from now on try to post atleast one video from this series, or another, each Sunday (even though it technically is Monday in this part of the world)) is about modems and bulletin boards (BBS:es). I also have to recommend the movie/series “BBS: The Documentary” which is very interesting and well made. […]

  • 3 WordPress plugins

    Yesterday I decided to change the permalinks structure of this site. I wondered if WordPress had redirection built into to the core, but it seems it does not yet. But there are many plugins, like always, providing the needed functionlity. At first I looked at one called Redirection, but it was not really what I was […]